Our company was established in mid 2018 for providing consultancy services in the fields of software solution, process automation systems, workflow management, and digital marketing and online branding for hospitality, automotive, and digital industries.

Our comprehensive IT consultancy services include system improvement consultancy, system integration and project management. Our main activities in software development are general workflow management, process automation, and development and customization of IT systems.

IT Systems Analysis

Project Management

Digital Marketing

Why Pixel Ads?

Our experts have multinational hands-on experience of several years and research background in IT management and consultancy services, Project management, development of IT broadcast, hospitality, automotive and IT business developments.

Users’ Requirements Analysis
Information system designing
Feasibility Study, R&D
System Integration & Testing
Performance monitoring & measurement
Reporting on your spending and budgets allocation
Audience targeting by verticals, device, player size, etc.
Non-intrusive advertising with user experience