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Pixel Ads for Advertisers

Increase outreach of your brand through premium video inventory across the globe on highly competitive CPM rates.

Pixel Ads for Publishers

Increase your websites revenue simply by up to 200% with our innovative technology and highly compatible video ad formats.

Why Pixel Ads?

Pixel Ads is a cross-screen, multi-channel online video advertising company, partnered with premium publishers all over the world, from all major verticals i.e. Fashion & Style, Health & Fitness, Cooking, Finance, News, etc.

Benefits of Advertising With Us

Brand safety with increased brand exposure
A pool of thousands of global premium inventory
Multiple video formats with corss-device support
High viewability and viewer’s engagement
Performance monitoring through dedicated team
Reporting on your spending and budgets allocation
Audience targeting by verticals, device, player size, etc.
Non-intrusive advertising with user experience

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